Our Commitment to Administrations or Local Government

As a rapidly expanding enterprise feedback management service provider, we are committed to ensuring our Customers : Administrations and Local Government, are informed and updated in realtime on any issue raised in the City and being raised by Citizen, so their commitments for a safety community leaving is well perceived by Citizen.

We realize that as Association and Federation reach growth, and with various feedback escalation, Administrations are sometimes unable to take appropriate measures. That is why we are committed to provide Administration and associations with a system that enables safe, secure and anonymous data collection and handling. By doing so, we help administration identify internal issues faster and anonymously, ensure immediate corrective measures implementation.

We provide to Administration and Local Government with a managed services platform where they can effortlessly and anonymously received information flaw on City infrastructure status for pedestrians. For more information about our services, send us a query using our online service form.