How It Works

CIT2ADM: How It Works

A significant part of our daily-life is dedicated to walking. We do it every day when we go to work, when we return home, when we go shopping or go out in the evening.

We aim to look for a safe life, when walking on the street with member of our family, friends, customers, while constantly enjoying life in a permanent safety environment.

iVisionR Solution – CIT2ADM, a way to give to "CITIZEN a REACH to its ADMINISTRATION", for a better control and management of Pedestrian' concerns such a safe living in the community.

iVisionR introduces a revolutionary Social Networking solution: CIT2ADM

Based on its "Pedestrian's Issue Visibility" technology, CIT2ADM helps Pedestrians report issues in an easily and faster way. CIT2ADM guides Pedestrians to easily reports Issues, any Pedestrians could face in 2 ways:

  • Citizen locates and anticipates further issues that Pedestrian may face in their daily living.
  • Citizen, in real time, reports the Issue on the Map, with its GPS location, along with a clear and crisp image describing the issue, and an additional comment to help better understanding of the Issue.

"CIT2ADM" patented technology is based on CROWD sourced data collected from mobile devices, monitoring reported issues, in real-time, initiated from Citizen community in a collaborative and interactive way toward their Administrations and/or Associations. The data is collected automatically, passively and anonymously (Pseudo).

The Technology Layers of CIT2ADM includes several layers:

  • On Device service: This service runs in the background when connected on Internet, thru 3/4G Data or WiFi, and is in charge of identifying the mobility status of the device holder.
  • On Device management: Once the service identifies that the user is registered and connected, the event launched is saved in the cloud and device for future reference.
  • On Server management: The report of the issue can be sent to the server in order to geo-locate it on a Map for community access and feedback, voting (positive/negative-non-appropriate).
  • Post processing analysis: The post processing analysis is done and provided to Partners, such as Associations, Administrations or enterprises with all their respective members, based on all data recorded in the server in order to provide statistics on usage.
  • As an Option, iVisionR offers additional Service, to help its TOP existing Clients to customize the Application with their Respective LOGO, as being displayed in the Website. Terms and conditions for such additional Services, is to be detailed in a commercial document.