About Us

About Us

At iVisionR.com, we strongly believe in collaboration toward common objective proving how important are citizens for the society. All of the citizen of a city are Pedestrians, and therefore have faced situation where they got injured or had friends who get injured when walking on pavements.

That is why we are passionate about providing associations and local Government, tools that help them improve citizen security being pedestrian in the City.

We help association and Local government learn what their citizen are facing on daily basis, and what they are saying about the services they got. We help Citizen voice their concerns and opinions in an anonymous approach, having the whole community rate their participation toward that objective: safety living in the City. We ensure that citizen opinions always find their way to Associations and Administrations.

Who we are

eVisionR Limited is Development and Consulting company, Private and fully owned by its Board Members. The Board is composed of 3 members with High expertises in Environment Sciences, Legal Counsel and in Marketing and Strategy, as well as in Finances and Public  domain and Political Sciences; Board Members have expertise in Europe, Middle East, America.

iVisionR.com is an asset of eVisionR delivering business opportunity to Associations and Local Government on WorldWide Basis, helping them achieve more efficient tasks toward "Pedestrian's well living era", using effective collaborative and management tools. eVisionR strongly believe that Associations were becoming deprived of immediate results, facing "low concerned from their administrations" and therefore, Citizen and pedestrians lost their voice for "an ubiquitous" improved way of living in the City.

eVisionR empower Associations, local government and their members/subscribers through Mobile Connected Devices in a Cloud Services based Platform. From handling submitted reports tracking potential issues as well as queries, we provide to Associations and Administrations, the power to learn and improve what both Citizen and Pedestrians are saying about expected ultimate Services in the City, for a better service to all local electors.