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  • Sign Post

    Sign Post badly set in the middle of the Pedestrian pavement.

  • Tree

    Nice Tree that becomes a real obstacle

  • Sidewalk Obstacle

    Obstacle on Pedestrian Pavement

  • WheelChair

    Wheelchair cannot be managed easily

  • Street equipment

    Equipments badly installed

  • No Sidewalk

    People walk on the Street : No sidewalk

  • Good Example

    What a nice implementation to follow as often

  • Road Sign High < 2.30m

    Be careful with your head or you got deep injuries.

  • Others

    Open for suggestions & recommandations

  • Gutter

    Gutters make walking difficult and risky.

  • Airport

    Airport indication requires improvment

  • Sidewalk Large <1.40m

    Inability for 2 people to cross side-by-side

  • Patio

    Patio is taking larger space

  • Crossfall

    Dangerous transverse slope to manage the stroller

  • Train Station

    Train station indications Needs improvment

  • Pavement covering

    Manholes makes walking very difficult.

  • Bus Stop

    "Bus Stop" shows difficult access

  • Lighting

    Bad Lighting or more lighting is needed

  • Light Signal

    Light Signal requires more Car's attention


  • Bicycle danger

    Bicyle, using Pedestrian pavement rather than street

  • Gyropode danger

    Gyropode, using Pedestrian pavement rather than street

  • Smartphone Danger

    Life is more precious, Message can wait!

  • Scooter Park

    Scooter park on Pedestrian pavement

  • Car Park

    Car Parks on Pedestrian pavement

  • Snow

    Nice winter, thus be carefull

  • Barrier

    Barrier is dangerous, forcing Pedestrian to walk on Street

  • Motorcycle park

    Motorcycle parking on Pedestrian pavement

  • Overflow

    Fence hedge overflowing - Please free up sidewalk

  • Dog Shit

    Make our neighborhood cleaner for better living


  • Videoprotection !

    Because of recurrent trouble, Ask for Videoprotection

  • Improvments requested

    Please help, Improvements are needed

  • To be Defined

    Wish to receive your suggestions

  • Potential risque

    Risk of terrorism or similar - Protect Access

  • Zebra Crossing

    May need here Zebra crossing - pay attention Please


  • Flowerpot Floating !

    Flowerpot is dangerously hanging up !

  • Trash

    Do not throw garbage or litter around the pavements.

  • Stalacticte

    Be carefull, it may fall soudainly

  • Noise beyond Audible Signal

    Cool, smoothly alert - don't hurt others

  • Help to Homeless

    Pay attention and be human, Help others

  • left-abandoned !

    Suitcase left alone - alert your neighborood