Citizen to Administration, for Pedestrians

We trust you find true benefits in joining our Citizen and Pedestrians' community for a Better Living with your neighbourhood, either with Family, Friends, co-worker and in any single place you will be. Let's make Cit2ADM more than a vision. Let's make it a Dream Come True for us. Welcome and enjoy the rich experience.

How much pedestrian-related problems do you face in your locality in weekdays?

Our Pledge

We donate, for every Annual Subscription to Cit2Adm Services from any Local Administration, Government, Association, Enterprise or Sponsor, 10 Euros to annually nominated National Association such as Croix Rouge franchise, for 2015*.
Our AIM is to participate actively in any manner; we have in hand for a Safe Life, a Better Life and in summary enjoy Living together in a collaborative Human community.
*Each Year, eVisionR SARL nominate per Geography / Country (locally or Nation Wide the Association we decide to HELP ** 10 Euros per subscription. To proceed, we will liaise with Cit2Adm Partner in the Country.

We donate, for every Paid Annual Subscription in 2016 to CIT2ADM Cloud Services, registered from Local Administration, Government, Association, Enterprise or Federation , 10 Euros* (in Europe) or 10 US $ (outside Europe) to ONE Country Nominated National Association (ie. Croix Rouge, handicap,.).

Our AIM is to participate actively in any manner, we have in hand for a Safe Life, a Better Life and in summary to enjoy living together in a collaborative community.

*Each Year, eVisionR  nominate per Geography & per Country (locally or on Nation Wide THE Association we wish to support and fund : ** 10 Euros (ou US$) per Subscription.

To proceed in EACH Country, we will liaise with our Cit2Adm nominated Partner in the respective Country.

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Good Examples

Best Practices

You are Citizen, ie. Pedestrian, and you have faced personal situation with minor or Serious injury on the street...

The first questions you should ask yourself:

  • How could I get support?
  • To whom should I escalade the case ?
  • How to avoid such situation to repeat?
  • Who is the owner of the infrastructure: Public Administration, Private?
  • How to engage with Local administration for a better living?
  • Am I able to help educate my peers ?

CIT2ADM is the tool to help provide answera to many question listed above.

* CIT2ADM available in France, will soon become available in listed Countries where we partner with Local entity to engage and perform similar approach

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Bad Examples

Partners in France

  • Intelli Wealth Group
  • Roadhouse Grill
  • Zantigo
  • SQY Visionr
  • Fondation de France
  • Fondation Nicolas Hulo

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Become Our Partner

iVisionR are seeking Government, Private and Independent associations to become our global partners and be a part of this novel initiative aimed at making Pedestrian life more comforting.

Click on the link below to view the application procedure.'

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Partners Worldwide

  • Ability Unlimited
  • All Children Together Trust
  • SEWA Foundations
  • Road Safety UAE

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